What is Lifetime Premium?

With Lifetime Premium, you'll get access to all the Premium features such as bank connection, shared wallets, multiple wallets/budgets, and much more F.O.R.E.V.E.R! 🎉🤩All new features that will be released in the future are also included! 😏

Lifetime Premium is available directly in the App Store and Google Play Store. You should search for Spendee and purchase it in the "in-app purchases" option. 🤳

Furthermore, please note that Lifetime Premium and subscriptions are two separate products and you need to cancel the subscription in order for it to stop renewing because the Lifetime Premium purchase doesn't cancel it automatically. 🙅🏼The trial is also not part of the Lifetime Premium so if you want to try out the features before purchasing it, you can activate the Plus or Premium subscription and switch to Lifetime later. In case you aren't sure how to cancel the subscription, you can find a tutorial here. 👈🏼 

In case you decide to purchase the Lifetime Premium, please be aware that you aren't entitled to a partial or full refund for your previously purchased subscription!

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