What is Spendee Plus?

The basic plan of Spendee is free 👌🏼 however, to use Spendee to the maximum and really manage money like a pro, we provide Spendee Plus and Spendee Premium. We offer monthly or yearly plans. Yearly plans reward you for your loyalty with discounted prices 🙌🏼

Spendee Plus

Monthly subscriptions of Spendee Plus costs $1.99. A yearly subscription costs $14.99. Please bear in mind, that you will see prices in your local currency where applicable and you will also be charged in this currency. Also, prices may differ from country to country due to different taxation.

  1. An unlimited number of wallets   to   better   differentiate day-to-day expenses with one time events such as vacation, travel, a wedding, etc. 💸
  2. Unlimited number of budgets to better optimize where and how much to save
  3. Shared Wallets for managing family finances or any other shared finances

NOTE: Subscriptions can be purchased only from the mobile app through your App Store or Google Play account.

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