If you wish to save some money, 💵 Spendee helps you with its budget features. 🤩 In the basic plan, you can only set one budget, but with the Plus or Premium subscriptions, you can set an unlimited amount of budgets and make your budgeting even more detailed. 🎉 We'll notify you in case you spend 75% and 90% of your budget! You can also see how much money you can spend per day in order to stick to it your budgeting goals. 🙌🏼

To set a budget, follow these steps: 👇🏼

  1. Open the All Wallets Overview (iOS) or Budgets section (Android)
  2. Click on Budgets to open a Budget section (only on iOS)
  3. Click on Add New Budget
  4. Fill the budget name
  5. Choose the amount you wish this budget to be set for
  6. Select the categories that you want this budget to be for - you can also choose "All Expenses" as an option. If you have Spendee Plus or Premium, you can have an unlimited number of wallets.
  7. Set a period of your budget - we would recommend a weekly or monthly period
  8. Set a starting day
  9. Turn on Spendee notifications, so that you are notified when you are spending too much in a given category

To find out more about budgeting in Spendee, read this article. 👀

Check out this video tutorial 🎥:

How to Create a Budget in SPENDEE App

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