What are Labels and how to use them

Labels help categorize transactions in a more precise way — it’s fun, it makes your Spendee organized & it helps with better analysis and understanding your finances. 📈 When creating a new transaction and determining its value & category, you can easily spot Labels as another option! You can add multiple labels and use them as additional information about the purchase or even as a subcategory. 🤓 

You can customize your own Labels in the Label Management ✨:

  1. Open your mobile app
  2. More
  3. Labels
  4. Click on (+)

Labels as Subcategories 📦

Subcategories are one of the most requested features and labels are even better! It basically means adding a label to your category to make it more specific. For example, you can track your Food & Drink expenses and choose labels as “pizza”, “restaurant” or “takeaway”. Now, you’re able to track whatever you’re interested in regarding Food & Drink, your type of food, specific restaurants, or even purchasing behaviors (eating at work, dinner out, or even paying for a date).

Check out these video tutorials 🎥:

How to Create a Label in SPENDEE App

How to Rename or Delete a Label in SPENDEE App

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