How to Merge Bank Wallets? 🏦

When is this useful? 👀

Merging bank wallets will make your life easier especially if your bank is updated to a new connection. 🏦 Some of our supported banks will work on a new, more reliable, and faster connection. It even remembers your category preferences! 🙏🏼 Each connection is usually represented by a new wallet. After you connect your bank using the new connection, you will be able to see an old wallet and a new wallet. 👀

The old wallet still contains your whole transaction history, but it won’t be possible to sync it anymore and therefore get new transactions into your Spendee. After connecting your bank with the new connection, your new wallet will be created! ✅ This may result in some duplicate transactions, but now there is a simple way to fix that.

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your old wallet, and you’d like to keep your transaction history and recategorized transactions… that’s exactly when our new merging feature comes in handy. 😍

What is a merged wallet? 👛
A merged wallet will enable you to see transactions from your old wallet up until the date you selected and transactions from the new wallet will be displayed from the date onwards.
How to merge your wallets? 💡
Make sure that you’re using version 5.0.49 or higher. Open your mobile app and choose your new wallet in the Wallets selection. Tap the symbol with three dots in the upper right corner for more settings. Click on merge wallets and choose your old wallet and split date. When all important info is selected, you can tap on the yellow button “merge wallets”. Well done!

I don’t see the new feature in my app. 😮
Make sure you have Spendee version 5.0.49 or higher.
I made a mistake in the merge settings. 🤯
That’s okay! Simply go and unmerge your wallets (again in the settings of your wallet). You can re-do the process again.
What happens with my old wallet and connection? 🤔
Your old wallet will be hidden, but your old connection stays. Please do not delete the old connection, as this will affect your merged wallet.
How can I tell which wallet is which? 🎯
To help you distinguish between the old and new connections, we added “old connection” in brackets behind the name of the wallets from your old connection.
Which wallets can I merge? 🏦
You can only merge wallets with a bank connection (no cash wallets).
Can I merge multiple wallets? 👛
No, you can only merge two wallets.
I’m missing a few transactions… what should I do? 📲
The old connection was working a little differently with transactions dates. This might mean that after you merge the two wallets, you might be missing a few transactions. The easiest solution is to add the missing transactions manually in a manual wallet.
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