Scheduled transactions

Do you have an expense that you pay every month, week, etc.? πŸ“† Something like rent, an internet bill, or in insurance? πŸ’Έ Add those transactions into Spendee and set a repeating rule to them. You will find the β€œrecurring” feature at the bottom of the adding transaction screen. 

Furthermore, in the β€œMore” section, you will be able to display all your Templates of Recurring Transactions sorted by date and your Future Transactions. πŸ€–

There are 3 ways to edit and delete scheduled transactionsπŸ“±:

  1. First way - by going to the β€œMore” section ➝  Scheduled Transactions ➝  Select the Transaction ➝  Edit/Delete 
  2. Second way - by selecting Wallet from your Dashboard ➝ Open Scheduled section (above Transaction list) ➝  Select Gear icon ➝ Edit/Delete 
  3. Third and final way - via Timeline from your Dashboard

(Note: Second and third way is editable only when selecting a Month/Year or Custom period)

In case you select Month/Year or Custom period in the future, then your scheduled recurring transactions will be grayed out. You can edit only the Template of Recurring Transaction. 

Newly, we added a  One-Time Transaction section. 😎 This section is where all your Future Non-recurring Transactions live 🏠 For example, your little sister's birthday is approaching and you know she's been eyeing that lovely dress πŸ‘— (she's got good taste!) You can add this payment in advance and prepare your Budgets accordingly! 

⚠ Please bear in mind that the recurring transaction feature is currently available only for Manual (Cash) Wallets.

Check out these video tutorials πŸŽ₯: 

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