Where can I find the Spendee community?

At Spendee, we love to share #spendeelove 💚 and tips with others in our Facebook groups. Join our Spendee Insiders Community and get a sneak peeks of upcoming features and become an important part of our product building and other benefits. ✌🏼

In case you are interested, you can also help us improve the app by joining our Spendee Beta Testing Group. Our developers, product team, design team, as well as support are part of this community, so please feel free to use this space to share with us the following: 

  • bugs and other issues 🐞
  • feature requests 🚀
  • feedback 📝
  • ideas for improvement 💡

Apart from our Facebook groups, we're also active on our Instagram and Blog! ✍🏼 You can find articles about how to use Spendee, tips & tricks for beginners, info about upcoming features and also success stories there! ✨

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