Secured bank connection 🏦

We work with all financial account information in read-only mode πŸ‘€ to be able to check your account balance and download lists of transactions. However, we are not able to initiate payments or manipulate your account in any other way. πŸ™…πŸΌ

The only minimum required amount of sensitive data (login credentials) is stored, only if you opt to do so.  For some banks, you have to give us your password to be able to access bank data. In this case, the password is stored exclusively in a safe, and encrypted storage area. For directly-connected banks, we don’t even see your password. You login directly to your bank and we receive just the authorization token with a limited lifetime. ⏳

Secured infrastructure πŸ”

As security is our highest priority, all communication is encrypted. Whenever your data travels between our server and your phone, or if we download your transactions from the bank, it is only done through encrypted channels. This means that nobody can see the data as it travels to our servers. Once your data gets to our server, it is stored and also encrypted, so that only authorized users can access it. We only use reliable providers to host our servers. Right now, we use the Google Cloud Platform, which meets the strictest security compliance policies.

We can assure you that we don't sell and we'll never sell your data to any third-parties! πŸ™… We use them only for our internal purposes.

You can find out more about our partners' security at the following links:

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