How to sync a bank account?

Your bank account is automatically synced once in 24 hours ⏰! However, please note that this is currently possible for some of the bank providers only. It's not available for banks that allow their users to use 2-factor authorization such as SMS code, QR code, etc. (even if you don't use it, but other users can, you can't have the auto-sync in Spendee due to that 😥). In the future, we hope to connect more banks directly via their API which should improve the behavior of the sync significantly. 🌈 At the moment, you will have to sync the bank account manually, unfortunately. 

To refresh your bank account manually, you can pull down on the list of transactions in the bank wallet (in the mobile app) or click the "sync account" button within your wallet in the Web App. It may ask you to connect your bank account again because of security reasons. 🕵🏼

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