What is Spendee?

Spendee is the only app that gets your money into shape. It helps you to take control of your finances and helps you become a money management pro. To properly use Spendee, we recommend you to follow a Track - Analyze - Budget cycle. 

Track - Analyze - Budget cycle

The easiest way to start tracking your money is to connect your bank account. We import all your data and categorize your transactions for you, so you will be able to analyze your spending habit the moment you start using Spendee. If your bank does not support connection with Spendee or if you don't pay with a card, then you can track your finances manually. Thanks to Spendee you will see where your money goes and where your money comes from. Sooner or later, you will be able to analyze your spending habits and take the appropriate actions based on that. You can set up budgets for categories that you need to spend less on and Spendee helps you to stick to your budget limit. Spendee will also tell you how much you can spend every day for the rest of the budget period, in order to stick to a planned budget.

Family budget planner

With Spendee, you can not only manage your personal finances, but you can also manage your family budget or any other shared budget. With such functionality, you will be able to manage all your money in one place, without the need for any other special tools.

Travel expense tracker

Thanks to Spendee multiple currency approach, you can easily use the app to track your international expenses. The best way of how to do it is either create a separated wallet for each of your travels or you can input everything into one wallet using #hashtags to label your travel transactions.