How to set up Spendee account?

As soon as you download Spendee, you will go through the sign-up process that requires you to enter either an email address and password or you can choose from other login methods, such as Google, Facebook and Apple πŸ”’Those will be your credentials/login methods across all platforms (iOS, Android, Web). When you register, you'll receive a welcome email πŸ“§ with tips on how to start with Spendee. We recommend reading these tips & tricks as they could really help you with a successful start of your Spendee journey. πŸš€

During the on-boarding process, you are also asked to connect your bank account πŸ’³ We recommend doing so, as your past transactions will get imported, thus you will be able to analyze your spending habits immediately. On top of that, when your bank account gets connected, every time you pay by a card or you receive money to your account, Spendee imports and categorizes your transactions. So you only need to input manually transactions that are paid by cash. 🀩

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