How to get my data ready for Spendee 5?

We’re in final preparations of releasing Spendee 5 and we need your help to make sure your data is safe & well prepared! ⚠️

It only takes a few seconds to check this out & it’s very important to do so.

  1. Open Spendee on your phone and go to Settings in the upper right corner (iOS) or to More in the bottom right corner (Android).

2. Scroll down to see Data ready for Spendee 5 information.

3. Do you already see the yes? 👀 That means you’re good to go! ✅ Welcome on board of the ship to Spendee 5! 🎉 Your data is safe & sound. 🔐 Now relax, sit back & enjoy the sneak peeks of the new release on our Instagram. We’re arriving to our destination in just a few weeks ⚓️

If you’re still seeing “No” in your Spendee we've prepared 3 steps you should follow in order to get your data ready for Spendee 5.


The first step is to log in to our Web App (even if you've never used it before) and check whether all your data is synced there - the Web App is in a read-only mode, but you can still check if your data are there and compare them to the mobile app! 😉

➡️ I can’t see my data in the web app. Don’t uninstall the app or log out from the app at any cost before you proceed ⚠️ It may result in a data loss. Skip step 2 and pass right on to Step 3 (export of your data).

➡️ I see my data in the web app. If you see the data there, it means it’s safe and sound in the cloud and you can proceed to the next step (reinstalling the app). It can be done simply by removing the app from your device completely and downloading it again from the store.

STEP 1 wasn't enough, STEP 2👣

Can you please make sure you've got the latest available version of the mobile app? 📲 We've released 3.16.6 on iOS and 4.5.11 on Android (you can see the version you currently have at the bottom of the settings/more section). After you update the app, you might have to keep it open for a few minutes again.

STEP 3 👀👣 (In case step 1 & 2 weren't enough)

If you weren't able to prepare your data for the update with the previous steps, we'll migrate them from our backend database. This means that only the data imported there (the one you can see in the Web App at will be available for you in Spendee 5.

⚠️ Due to the fact that your data are incorrect in the Web App, it is necessary for you to export your MISSING data from the mobile app right before your update to Spendee 5. ️(just missing transactions, otherwise you will have the duplicates when you import them back). ⚠️

Once you update to Spendee 5 and you'll get access to the Web App again, you will import only the missing/correct data there so that you will not lose any! 

We really recommend you to export your data from the mobile app and keep in mind that it's better to have two exports (now and right before the update) than none. 🙏

You can find the steps on how to export and import your data here:



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