Are your data ready for Spendee 5?

We’re in final preparations of releasing Spendee 5 and we need your help to make sure your data is safe & well prepared! ⚠️

It only takes a few seconds to check this out & it’s very important to do so.

  1. Open Spendee on your phone and go to Settings in the upper right corner (iOS) or to More in bottom right corner (Android).

2. Scroll down to see Data ready for Spendee 5 information.

3. If you’re still seeing “No” in your Spendee — keep your app opened for a while (this may take 1–5 minutes, depending on your data size).

Do you already see the yes? 👀 That means you’re good to go! ✅ Welcome on board of the ship to Spendee 5! 🎉 Your data is safe & sound. 🔐 Now relax, sit back & enjoy the sneak peeks of the new release on our Instagram. We’re arriving to our destination in just a few weeks ⚓️

Thanks for your cooperation guys, see you soon in a new coat! 🔥

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