What are hashtags and how to use them?

The purpose of hashtags is to help you categorize transactions in a more detailed way and to help you with analyzing data. 📊 There are plenty of ways how #hashtags could work the best for you; it solely depends on your creativity 🧠 and needs. 

You can add hashtags in the note field when adding or editing transactions. It helps you to label each of your transactions and can be used as a subcategory too. For example, some of our users are using #lunch, #dinner or #eatingout to label data into subcategories in their Food & Drink category. 🌮🍺

The main advantages of hashtags 🙌🏼

The main advantage compared to using classic notes is that hashtags use our “search whisperer” feature 👀, thus when you start typing, it will automatically show you the list of hashtags you have used in the past and with one click you can choose which one to use this time. This is a major time saver for everyone who adds transactions manually. 🤩

Another important advantage of using hashtags instead of just a note is that you can get all the information in one place about transactions with the same hashtags, such as an amount, a picture, or who paid it. 👍🏼 If you scroll down in the “Hashtag” section, by tapping on your selected hashtag, you will be able to see all relevant information about transactions with this same hashtag. 

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