How to connect UK API banks?

Do you have any issues connecting your bank account to Spendee? 😤 We've prepared small tutorials on how to connect the following banks as we are aware that some banks might have a different process when connecting to them. Check out the list of our UK API banks 🇬🇧 and find out how to connect them successfully: 👏🏼

The list of supported API banks:

➝ Monzo

➝ Revolut


In case you want to add your Monzo account into Spendee, please, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose "United Kingdom" from the list of countries and "Monzo" from the banks list → Continue
  2. You will be re-directed to the Monzo website where you need to agree with giving Spendee access to the accounts → verify by clicking Continue to login 
  3. A magic link will be delivered into your inbox tied to Monzo → please go into your email client and click the magic link
  4. You will be re-directed to Spendee where you can select which accounts do you want to display in the app → confirm by clicking Select
  5. Congratulations! Your Monzo account has been successfully connected! 🥳


To connect your Revolut accounts into Spendee, please, perform the following steps.

  1. Click "Connect bank account" in your Spendee app
  2. Choose country "Other" or simply stay on the pre-filled country displayed on the bank account connections screen
  3. Choose Revolut from the list of available banks → click "Continue"
  4. Read the displayed info about connecting your banks into Spendee → click "Continue" → you will be re-directed to Revolut website
  5. Fill your phone number tied to your Revolut account - make sure that you choose the correct country code (mobile prefix number)
  6. Enter your Revolut PIN code - the one you use to log into your Revolut app (not the Revolut card PIN unless you use the same one for both the app and the card) → click "Continue"
  7. You'll be re-directed to next screen where you need to enter a 6 digit code which you've just received via text message in case you've entered everything correctly → enter the code and click "Continue"
  8. Choose the accounts you want to see in Spendee using the toggle button → click "Approve"
  9. You'll be re-directed back to Spendee app where you need to choose the accounts once again and confirm

Your transactions will be downloaded shortly and you can start managing your Revolut accounts in Spendee immediately! 🎉

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