Contacting Spendee Support

It's a known thing - nobody's perfect! 😒 Even though we're working hard every day on making the app's performance as smooth and bug-less as possible, it's still possible that you will need to contact us because something isn't working correctly or that you've got a suggestion for an improvement you want to share with us. We appreciate the feedback, cause it helps us to create a better, more customer friendly product - your bug 🐞 report and suggestions 🧠 are priceless to us. πŸ’«

How to contact us? πŸ‘¨πŸΌπŸ’»

It's possible to contact us via several different channels. You can:

  • e-mail us at,
  • drop us a direct message at our Facebook page
  • with the version 5.2.3, you can access Support via Mobile App too! Go to the More section of the App and select Contact Support 

You can also reach out to us via Twitter - it's the perfect channel for your questions, suggestions and feedback, however, it's not that great for the bug reports since those are usually more complex and end up being discussed via e-mail in the end anyway. 

What to expect once you contact Spendee Support? 🧐

Once we receive your e-mail, you'll receive an automated reply - this is so you know that your e-mail was delivered and will be taken care of. One of our Customer Support Specialist will reply to you as soon as we get to your message in the queue of e-mails.

Please note that after new updates and feature releases, it can sometimes take us a couple of days to reply - we're always doing our best so please, bear with us, we're definitely not trying to ignore you and the provided support will sure be worth it. 🀞🏼 

What can you do to make the troubleshooting process smoother? 🌈

We're trying to resolve all the issues as fast and smoothly as possible. However, there's a couple of things you can do to quicken the process, too.

Please, always include this information when contacting us with a bug report: πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

  • your operating system (iOS or Android) and the version of the operating system,
  • the e-mail address you use with Spendee,
  • Spendee app version (e.g. 3.16.0, 4.1.2 - this can be found in the settings of the app), 
  • whether the situation is the same in the Web App,
  • description of the problem, preferably with a description of the steps that have led to it happening, too.

Also, please, if it's possible, include some screenshots of the issue - anything helps, really. 

How long does the troubleshooting process usually take? ⏳

We're always doing our best to make the troubleshooting process as short as possible. However, please note that some of the issues can't be solved in a day and that sometimes our developers need to check and make some changes on their end, too, which may take some time. We always try to update you regularly and we let you know as soon as we have the solution to the reported problem. 

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