Global budgets

Global budgets feature has finally arrived to the Android and iOS apps! This feature allows you to create budgets for multiple wallets which makes budgeting even more efficient. 

How to use the feature?
Go to any of your wallets, no matter if bank account or manual one, choose the tab "Budgets" and click "Add new budget". Just like before with the regular budgets, set the name, budgeted amount, choose the categories which you want to account into the budget, recurrence and the starting date, too. 

What's new is that you can choose which wallets will be accounted into the budget. This can be done in the "Wallets" section of the budget settings. By default, all wallets are selected. After clicking the "All Wallets", you can unselect or select any of the wallets in your app. 

Once you're satisfied with the created budget, don't forget to save it - and you're good to go! 

WebApp budgets will follow in the upcoming weeks, too.