Spendee structure

In Spendee, we call every expense and income “a transaction” no matter if you add it manually or it gets automatically imported from your bank account. The place where you add your transaction manually is called “a wallet.” The place where bank transactions have been imported is called bank account.

For each wallet, you have to set up the currency and name. You can set up your initial balance if you want. For a bank account, name and currency are automatically imported from your bank.

On the main screen of the app, on the bottom nav bar, you will also find an “Overview" section that takes care of all your analysis and “Budget” section that will help you to budget and save. The last icon is for Wallet Settings, where you can change the setting of your wallet.

For every wallet, you see a separate section of Overview and Budget. However, you can also see one complex view in All Wallets Overview where you see all data across your wallets and bank accounts in one place.