Notifications in Spendee

Notifications in Spendee help you stay on the top of your finances. We have 6 types of notifications. And all of them are free of charge and we highly recommend activating them, as it helps you to stay in control of your money. 

This is done in the Settings -> Notifications Settings. All the current notifications are available in your Notification center. 

Different types of notifications:

1. Remind me to add transaction

Set up a time and we will notify you daily to remember to add your transactions manually.

2. Budget reached 75%, 90%

Spendee helps you to stick to your budget, by notifying you when you are about to exceed your planned budget.

3. Budget exceeded 100%

Spendee notifies you when you go over your budget.

4. Scheduled transaction has been added

Save time and schedule transactions that you know will occur in the future or that repeat every month, week etc. (rent, bills, insurance.) Spendee will notify you when a scheduled transaction is added, reminding you not to forget to pay it as well.

5. Other user(s) added transaction(s) into a shared wallet (daily summary)

To keep track of your shared finances, Spendee will send you a daily summary of transactions added by other users(s) of your shared wallet.

6. Time period ended

This notification reminds you when a monthly period ended so that you don't forget to analyze your monthly finances.