Analyze my money

After your first week, it’s a great time to check our Overview section in order to see what has been your biggest expense category or whether you have some expenses that you didn’t even know about. The first week data is only indicative as there is not the full picture of all your wallet balances, so make sure to come back after the first month as well.

Types of  graphs in Overview

In the Overview, you will find following charts:

  • Line chart to see your total wallet balance. Total balance takes into account also scheduled transactions if you have this option turned on.
  • Bar chart to analyze your balance of the current month. You will be able to see inflows and outflows of your money based on the day in a month.
  • Income/expense pie chart to see the exact categories of your inflows and outflows. You can click on each icon to see the exact amount of each category. To see a detailed list of transactions in each category, click on the list icon in the upper right corner of the screen.