How to turn on/off the notifications?

Notifications help you stay on the top of your finances. We have 6 types of notifications and all of them are free of charge! We highly recommend activating them, as it helps you to stay in control of your money. 💸

This is done in the Settings -> Notifications Settings. ⚙️ All the current notifications are available in your Notification center. 

Different types of notifications: 

1. Remind me to add transaction 🤳🏼

Set up a time and we will notify you daily to remember to add your transactions manually.

2. Budget reached 75%, 90% ðŸ™Š

Spendee helps you to stick to your budget, by notifying you when you are about to exceed your planned budget.

3. Budget exceeded 100% ðŸ™ˆ

Spendee notifies you when you go over your budget.

4. The scheduled transaction has been added ðŸ’¥

Save time and schedule transactions that you know will occur in the future or that repeat every month, a week, etc. (rent, bills, insurance.) Spendee will notify you when a scheduled transaction is added, reminding you not to forget to pay it as well.

5. Other user(s) added transaction(s) into a shared wallet (daily summary) 👫

To keep track of your shared finances, Spendee will send you a daily summary of transactions added by other users(s) of your shared wallet.

6. Time period ended ⏰

This notification reminds you when a monthly period ended so that you don't forget to analyze your monthly finances.

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